Tips on Keeping Your Paint Like New –Beware The Morning Coffee

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coffee-cupYes, you badly need that cup of morning joe. So much so, that you’ve occasionally driven off with it on your roof? Haven’t you? Well besides the fact that you’re not going to get the coffee you so desperately need, it can also ruin the paint of your car.

We all want a nice looking car, and fresh looking paint is part of that. But even more importantly, your automobile paint job is the only thing protecting your auto body.

Caffeinated beverages are acidic, and can ruin your car paint job. You’ll want to wipe off the potentially paint-destroying beverage as soon as possible–letting it dry will only make it harder to get off later. A highly sugared beverage can be even more challenging.

If you can’t hit a car wash, then break out your bottle of quick detailer and your microfiber cloth and wipe it up.