Tips for Getting Your Automobile to 200,000 miles

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It wasn’t that long ago that hitting the 100,000-mile mark on the odometer was a major milestone. That’s just not the case today. Automobiles regularly hit the 200,000 mark…and much higher. Here are some tips for getting more from your auto.

Avoid short trips.

The difference between driving short distances and longer distances – and it’s a detrimental one to your vehicle – is that the engine never has a chance to reach its optimal operating temperature on short trips. Here’s why that’s a problem. Water is a byproduct of combustion. When the engine is nice and hot and operating at its most efficient temperature, the water turns to vapor and is ventilated out of the engine. But on short trips, the engine never gets up to that optimal temperature, and as a result, that water can remain in the engine, collect in the oil, and settle in the exhaust system where it causes excessive wear and tear. Frequent short trips also mean an increased number of cold starts for the engine, which also translates to increased wear because the engine’s oil isn’t flowing as freely or in every place that it should until the engine is warmed up.

Find a mechanic you trust and like.

Given the choice, you’d rather work with someone you get along with, who you believe has your best interests at heart, right? That’s why you need a good technician who’s going to be a partner in your quest to reach that magical 200,000 milestone, not someone interested only in selling you an expensive repair and never seeing you again. If they’re experienced, accustomed to working on the type of vehicle you drive, and convenient to your work or home, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Read your owner’s manual.

In addition to informing you what that little button on the dash is actually for, the owner’s manual contains vital information about the various vehicle components that need to be monitored and replaced, when that needs to happen, and how owners can perform the checks. Following the owner’s manual also helps prolong your vehicle’s life because it specifies what types of fluids work best in the vehicle and provides vehicle operation instructions that prevent damage and reduce wear.
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